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Strategies on how to let go of Anger

By Minnie J. Andrews / December 18, 2018

Sometimes we have a feeling that sadness and stressful situations have entered as unwelcomed guests into our life and have stuck for forever. As a human, we tend to ruminate anger, conflicts and negative feelings in life. But unfortunately, these feelings of anger and resentment make you feel stressed and unwanted at times. The more […]


How to make your body more alkaline and less acidic

By Minnie J. Andrews / December 17, 2018

Before jumping on the topic, first, let us discuss little chemistry. A pH level measures acid and alkaline in different things. A pH level has a range of 0 to 14; in which level 0 is completely acidic, 14 is an entirely alkaline and seven stands for neutral. When we talk about the human body, […]


Calming Stones

By Minnie J. Andrews / December 7, 2018

If you are a person who has reached on a boiling point in life, continuous cycles of stress and anxiety have threatened to make you compromise your health and peace; then you need to heal yourself on a spiritual level. Anxiety is a symptom of some kind of disorder in life both physical and mental. […]


How to boost your Mental Health

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 22, 2018

Poor self-care, personality changes for the bad, agitation, withdrawal and lack of hope are signs of emotional suffering that could lead to poor physical as well as mental health. Generally, there is an opinion that a person is mentally healthy if he is not suffering from problems like anxiety, depression etc. but, being mentally healthy […]


Things you can do when you think life sucks

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 14, 2018

It is indeed common for most persons to feel that for them, bad luck comes in a row while luck comes in spurts. The spurts are by and far few, that one is not sure, it happened too. It is also common for them to think that it is the case only for them. They […]