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How to Practice Buddhism – a Guide for Beginners

By Minnie J. Andrews / December 12, 2018

Buddhism is a path of practicing spiritual development by following the sayings and philosophies of Buddha and bodhisattvas. The Buddhist practices are means of changing our perspective towards life with inculcating kindness, wisdom, and awareness in our souls. The development of Buddhism in thousands of years has created an incomparable resource for those who wish […]


Beginners Guide for Root Chakra Healing

By Minnie J. Andrews / December 11, 2018

Everyone at some point in time has felt low with a root chakra deficiency. If a person had troubled childhood, experienced the divorce of parents or have struggled financially with paying rent or have lived in relative poverty then they are likely to have impaired or broken root chakra. But what is root chakra? We […]


How to astral project with Rope Technique

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 30, 2018

You can call it whatever you like, you can call it the dream body, energy body or the Tantric subtle body, astral projection is a subtle way of cultivating, surviving the physical body into the matrix of consciousness and lucid dreaming. The subtle body is a part of human existence in-universe and is active during […]


How to find the right Meditation Posture for your body

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 22, 2018

Meditation refers to practices and techniques that help you to have a calm mind, better concentration, proper perception and clarity, inner strength, and better communication. Meditation was considered to be practical for those who wished to attain spiritual enlightenment. In recent times it is considered to be a great tool meant for all to avoid […]


Meditation for working with Anxiety

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 22, 2018

To lead a quality life you should ensure that stress and anxiety are within acceptable levels. This is because chronic anxiety and stress have the potential to not only bring about behavioral changes but also cause a severe setback to your physical health. Studies show that 1 in every 14 people in the world is […]


How to meditate at Work

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 19, 2018

There would be hardly any adult who does not know that meditation is very beneficial for one’s well-being. But, when you take a count of those who practice it, you will find that it is a very small percentage of the adult population. It is because despite knowing the benefits of meditation they attribute it […]


Affirmations to Heal and balance your 7 Chakras

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 14, 2018

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that denotes a wheel. If you have attended any classes for yoga, group meditation or Reiki, you would have come across instructors who keep mentioning about chakras in your body. Even if they have not spoken about what chakras are and about all the seven chakras, they in all probability […]