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How to find inner peace

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 14, 2018

It is quite common for people in this highly materialistic and technologically advanced world that gives little or no importance to caring and affectionate relationships to experience a sense of discomfort. That is you are not comfortable in your body, and you are finding it very hard to fight off the thoughts that keep troubling […]


How to stay focused

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 13, 2018

Do you find yourself playing with your phone multiple times a day while working just to look at the latest update on Twitter or to re-read emails that came earlier? By doing this, you might believe that you are enhancing performance by staying up to date with social media but in reality, you are suffering […]


Heal the Body and Mind

By Minnie J. Andrews / October 25, 2018

In ancient world the medicine man or healers had a holistic approach towards mind and body. They meant that complete healing of patient means making him physically and mentally fit. They addressed psychological and emotional issues of a person to heal his physical problems. But now we have lost this old tradition of co treatment […]

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