Feeling Lonely in a Relationship

Feeling lonely is a relationship and don’t know what has happened? But things don’t change all of a sudden. The feeling of love is mutual, but when you feel lonely, you are completely alone in this.

You might feel lonely in a relationship because the dynamics of relationships have changed unexpectedly making you wonder what has happened. While having some time alone is like a welcome break in routine, feeling lonely is a complete downer. There is nothing worse than feeling unwanted in a relationship. Rationalizing alone time with loneliness is an absolutely grounded response.

Having a partner in life makes you feel like heaven whereas if you are experiencing alone in his presence than it seems like getting caught in dungeons with no way out. Estranged ties with someone you share your bed and life gives an impression of cruel tease imparted on us. Women being more emotional than men suffer this feeling more often as a comparison to their spouses.

Things may take a sudden turn because of multiple reasons; it might be because you have got engaged in some business and barely have time for each other. Sometimes having kids in-house also changes the dynamics of love between the couple. Raising kids is a lovely but overwhelming experience. They drain all the energy and time from our life and couples start feeling lonely despite having company around. But let me be clear feeling alone in a relationship is not a good symptom and it requires caring immediately.

However, if you are feeling lonely in a relationship then you are not alone, every couple has to experience this problem at some point of time in their married life. If you are suffering from the most disturbing question of married life,’ why do I feel lonely in my relationship’, then you must think about it. Better you gear up, come out of your thoughts and work on the reason that is genuinely breaking down your relationship.

What to do when you feel lonely

What to do when you are feeling lonely in a relationship? Well, this situation is not the end of the world or your relationship. You have to work hard for making things between you are your partner better again. Remember he is the same person you have spent many beautiful moments. Remember that time and start working for its revival between both of you.

First, try to understand the reasons behind it and see what behavioral changes have come in your life. Try to understand each other and do some changes in your routine that can make other partners feel some attention and love. Simple changes like developing a habit of asking questions like ‘ how’s your day?’ switching off mobile and greeting your spouse when he or she comes home.

The second thing, to make yourself heard one must develop the habit of listening. Make other people feel listened to. Remember it is easier said than done as there times when you actually don’t feel intimate with your partner, and it is tough to develop the habit of listening in this situation.

How to stop feeling lonely

The best way to stop feeling lonely in a relationship is to examine thoughts of your mind. The situation of loneliness is more because of our beliefs, than because of someone else.

We tend to think that someone else is responsible for our happiness but the truth is the opposite from it. When we start feeling lonely in the company of spouse, kids, family, and friends, then the reason behind this unhappiness is not because of others. There are times when your partners might have made you feel loved, cared and have shown his or her concern but despite all this, you have felt lonely.

The reason behind this situation is your thoughts. When we add the word ‘should’ in our relationship that we tend to be unhappy. ‘My husband should spend some time with me’. ‘He should make me feel happy’. Well, these are the statements that make us feel lonely and unhappy. Make yourself in-charge of your life and happiness. Find happiness in yourself and not in anyone else’s opinion. No matter the other person is the love of your life.

Most people enter into a relationship out of love. They have love in their heart but after sometimes shortcomings, ego and expectations. The expectations lead to loneliness and pain in relationships. You must try to find useful in your partner again as nobody is perfect and have their own shortcomings.

The love between couples is never gone; it is just hidden behind judgment, sadness, fear, and expectations. Try to find that love again within you. Love your partner and love yourself and you will see how happy your life has become. Life is beautiful and tries to make it what it is, beautiful.

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Minnie J. Andrews