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How to fall out of love with someone

Usually, when we fall in love, we have very strong feelings, and it seems that these feelings will last longer with the love of your life. But after sometimes when expectations, shortcomings start taking the place of love, then we have a new entry in our life, and it is grief. There is absolutely no necessity to explains how it feel when you have been jilted by someone, rejected and taken out of life. Breaking up or getting dumped doesn’t mean falling out of love. The feeling will take some time and efforts to leave. I am sure everyone has experienced the same heartbreak at any point in time, yet the pain that comes from this is very hard to explain, and we don’t know how to fall out of love.

People romanticize in love and in relationships where they feel like being on top of the world but when things change they feel cheated and sometimes forgets how to move away from a rotten or broken relationship. Well, nothing new here but some old things require to be recollected multiple times for staying happy in life. So is the skill of falling out of love. It is no rocket science, infect techniques of falling out of love is something anyone can master, with the help of little techniques and dedication.

How do you fall out of love with someone?

Here we will share some tips and trick about falling out of love. These tips might help you in getting back to your normal self where you become the same happy and jovial person you have been before falling in love. Read them and try to inculcate in your life.

Avoid denial and blame

it is ok to have the feeling of loneliness and denial being hung up on you. You can permit yourself to feel sad and about the loss of love. This process will help you in sidestepping the feeling of denial and despair. Loneliness is a feeling that comes naturally with heartbreak, but denial and despair are the distracting emotions that will only worsen the situation. Remember, that the world has not ended with one relationship.

Write a letter

communication is the best way of expressing your feelings and also of coping up with them. I find this method very helpful, personally. If someone has taken you out of his or her life, that means they have no interest in knowing your emotions, if they had they might not have done so.

Write a long letter explaining how much they are losing with this wrong decision, if you have any grudges in your heart then pen them down in the letter. You can write about how long it takes to fall in love. Afterwards, keep the letter safe in your cupboard or if you have a writer in you then publish it on the blog but don’t send it to the concerned person.

Avoid giving them attention

Well time for taking some big steps. When someone has hurt your feelings and made you feel rejected; then he doesn’t deserve a bandwidth in your mind and thoughts. Don’t think about how good he was and about the good chemistry you had. The only way to master this thought process is by practising mindfulness. Dial number of happiness in your life.

Life is too short to waste in sorrows

You have a life apart of your love life, you have friends, family, and a career and you can add a future partner in this perfect life. Then why waste the precious time you have in feeling sad and gloomy for someone who has no respected for your love and feelings.

Remove blinkers from eyes

We have a habit of remembering the good stuff. How funny and charming the person was and how good your chemistry was with him. Keep good memories with you but keep them in your heart and not in your mind.

Redefine your beliefs about love

We all believe in love, and our theory about love is different from others. When someone hurts you, then it is high time to use this heartbreak to install some new theories and beliefs about love in your life. For example, you can make your heart believe that love comes with respect, admiration, and attraction. There can be no love without respect.

Fall in love again

Well the best suggestion so far. If you truly love the person and he asks for apologies then you can say that’ I keep on falling in and out of love with you’ or you can fall in love again with someone. Falling in is the best method of falling out of love.

Well, life is too short to spend it on being sorry and sad. Enjoy it with love and happiness. Keep falling in and out of love.

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