How to get over an Infatuation

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 27, 2018

What I have been able to understand infatuation through the expert comment of psychologists is that it is an attraction between male and female.

Infatuation definition given by experts explain it as a state where a person is completely carried away by unreason passion, foolish uncontrolled feelings and inappropriate and most of the time unwanted feelings

In simple words, we can explain infatuation as a crush or the feeling when you get attracted by someone in first sight. But it is not the real love rather infatuation is just a shadow of love, that might have made you special at some part of the time but something that has made you feel like nobody or inferior today.

How infatuation is different from love

There is no comparison between infatuation and love. Infatuation is something when you find someone perfect and are attracted towards the person in first sight. Love is when you understand who the person is and you embrace him in life with all imperfections and shortcomings. Love takes its time to develop and gives positivity to the personality.
Although people deny the role of physical attraction in infatuation according to psychologists, it is the sole cause behind infatuation. However, some experts have the opposite opinion, and according to them, infatuation is the root cause of human evolution, and it is purely natural to feel attracted to the opposite sex. It leads to our natural reproduction cycle and the development of our civilization.

How to get over the infatuation

Infatuation is not a healthy and social habit. You have to start to acknowledge that infatuation is an unhealthy habit and the process is energy draining and exhausting with time. The person caught in infatuation thinks about the other person over and over again that he comes in a mental situation when he starts over- analyzing every situation in unrealistic circumstances. This is a trap, and you are required to stop all these feelings. Normally, it is easier said than done, infatuation paves you deeper and deeper in the situation.

Curing infatuation needs deep willpower and conscious efforts. You have to keep a check on your mind. Every time it starts wandering, you need to think about your goals and free yourself from all the thoughts that plunge you deeper in infatuating thoughts. Try to divert mind by reading something or listening to some good music for getting over infatuation.

Infatuation has become a serious issue in society. If the person is smiling or sending texts out of some friendly gesture, another person might feel creepy and scary. They might think you a stalker or a person of some kind of ill mentality.

How to stop being infatuated

The better option from curing infestation is not to fall in it. Getting attracted by someone is normal but it is fundamental human nature, but one must work on preventing this interest in turning in infatuation. There are certain habits and advice given by experts that can help a person in stop being infatuated.

Speak to him

When you feel infatuated for someone, then the best idea is to talk out your feelings to that person. A good way of avoiding this problem from getting strong is by avoiding feeding them. To break the cycle of infatuation talk and express your feelings to the person. Remember infatuation is more about face value; a person can get infatuated by any attribute.

Focus on negativities of the person

A person tends to idolize the other person he or she is infatuated with. To prevent this feeling one must think about the negativities that person has. This will definitely help in curing negative feelings.

Balance your brain and try to detoxify it

Infatuation is a situation of mind when it stops thinking above one point. It is a situation that requires immediate attention. Detoxification of brain is important, and it can be done by taking some exercising routine or cutting off from the person both physically and virtually. Try to cut all social media ties and remove all details from the phone or laptop.

Love yourself

When a person is infatuated by someone he starts thinking him inferior to another person. Having intense feeling for someone leads to a feeling of inferiority. To prevent this situation to start loving yourself, you must learn how to feel happy and content about him.

Improve your self-esteem

A healthy relationship requires self-esteem and confidence in him. Infatuation is a symptom of low self-esteem and insecurities. Try to reduce these feelings of vulnerability and recognize your true self.

To conclude, all I can say is that attraction and love are different from infatuation. It is natural to be attracted towards somebody, but if that attraction is overpowering your thought process, then it is important to take it into notice and prevent it from intoxicating your mind.

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