Key to Happiness is an Expression of Love

By Minnie J. Andrews / December 11, 2018
Key to happiness

The key to happiness lies in you and within the state of mind. Happiness is the state of emotions that finds its place in our thought process and ideologies. According to psychologists happiness is a mysterious phenomenon where things may work as a catalyst, but a person can find it in his heart. But many people ask this question multiple times, and the problem is what the key to happiness is? Well, happiness is nothing but the state of mind and expression of love.

The expression of love to friends, family, and interpretation of desire to work and activities a person finds meaningful is a point when people feel happy. When people express the love they feel so glad, the more they do, the happier they are.

Most of the time we overlook the role of expression in our efforts of creating happiness for ourselves. We ignore the part of emotions and consider happiness as a result of materialistic things. Until we see ourself saying he/she makes me happy. You have to imply your mental assumptions in your way of happiness to make things better and more comfortable for you. The emotions and love don’t come from anywhere. Instead, we create it in our heart and from our attitude towards something. The person who makes us feels light works as a trigger or catalyst in the situation. We express love and happiness, not because of the person but because we had it in our heart. Some people have a habit of sharing and showing their love more than others, and they are intended to be happier than others.

It happens very often that we love a person more than others and expression of this love gives us happiness. Love is the most powerful feeling in the world, and it shows in your smile. The love of a mother for her child is the greatest source of happiness in her life, and there is no explanation required for it.

Psychologists have been trying to analyze why love creates happiness, and after several years of research, they have come to result that love creates happiness. They say the connection between love and joy in unexplainable, but it is evident. We are intended to be happy when we are in love

Wear a smile as your most cherished ornament

When we try to share our emotions or with the person, we love we smile. A smile is an expression of feelings and love that we have in our heart. A smile is an expression of love and love creates happiness for human beings. We create happiness out of love and show it in our smile. Sometimes it happens that we start smiling without any reason when we see someone we love. The beautiful smile of a baby when she sees her mother is results of love and comfort them from their mother.

Things that make us happy

Many things make us happy. We feel so glad when we listen to good music or play our favorite sports. The expression of love for music or games is the reason for happiness. Music creates joy in life and results in joy. If we are happy in what we are doing, then we will be happy. If we are performing good in career, in studies, having a beautiful, relaxing day, then we will be happy.

Over the years we have trained ourselves to find happiness in the outside world. We need things to trigger emotions and person to feel loved. If we win a game, we are happy, but if we lose, then we are sad with disappointment. Getting raise, promotion, finding a partner, purchasing new gadget triggers our emotions and makes us happy, but if things go in the opposite direction and we if lose, then we are likely to be sad. Anger, disappointment is the reason for sadness and fear. The connection of happiness with external things is the reason for dependence. But happiness with dependence is not long lasting. The truly lasting happiness is the one that is unaffected with materialistic things.

The truly lasting happiness is one attached with self-awareness and selflessness. Our mind the can make and break its boundaries. If we have made it feel happy with materialistic things, then we have to feed our mind with things it likes, but when we trained our brain to feel happy and loved without out worldly things, then our happiness will be lasting and without the requirement of external commodities.

The key to true and long-lasting happiness is inner peace and love that is unconditional and comes without choices. We feel happy because of love we have for ourselves and for others who come in our life to make it beautiful.

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