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How to make your body more alkaline and less acidic


Before jumping on the topic, first, let us discuss little chemistry. A pH level measures acid and alkaline in different things. A pH level has a range of 0 to 14; in which level 0 is completely acidic, 14 is an entirely alkaline and seven stands for neutral. When we talk about the human body, our blood is slightly alkaline, and our stomach is very acidic with pH level 3.5 or below.

Stomach requires acidic elements to break down food, and it flushes excess acid through urine. This is why the color of our urine changes with our food intake. Now when we eat acidic food, then it creates issues in our already acidic stomach, and the situation of the upset stomach can be improved by making our body more alkaline. Now the question arises that how to make your body more alkaline?

How to alkalize your body

We can keep our body alkaline by eating food with balance pH level. Yes, everything we eat has a pH level and eating food with essential nature will help us in having an alkaline body and a healthy stomach. However, one thing is noted that anything we eat will not go to change the pH level of our blood substantially. Our body works to keep the pH level of blood constant.

We can alkalize the body by following the alkaline diet, and a proper alkaline diet will also help in effective weight loss. Eating lots of fruits, vegetables and drinking lots of water is the best way of alkaline your body. Also avoiding alcohol and processed food is a must for keeping your gut healthy.

How to keep your body alkaline

We can keep our body alkaline by following alkaline diet and workout routine. It will keep your body healthy and will also make you follow the latest trend. There is a growing number of celebrities who are following the alkaline diet for maintaining fit and active weight loss.

The alkaline diet is based on food choices and to help our body healthy we need to put check on our eating habits. Right food choice will assist our organization in maintaining pH level whereas too many acidic foods will harm our normal functions of stomach and leave us tired with a broken immune system.

How to balance ph levels in the body the pH level in the body can only be balanced by choosing an alkaline diet and lifestyle routine. By choosing 70 percent of alkaline food and 30 percent of acidic food we can keep our stomach healthy and happy.

Now we all know what is acidic food as it is mentioned in every health and wellness blog. All the junk, high calories food we eat, aerated drinks, meat, carbs are put in the acidic food category.

So now let us put some efforts in compiling the alkaline foods list. All types of vegetable, especially green ones, legumes, buttermilk, fresh fruits come in the alkaline food list. If you want to keep your body more towards the alkaline level of pH balance than choose veggies over burgers and rest will be taken cared by your body.

Here we will discuss some points for keeping our body alkaline and reducing acid level from our digestion system. Improving the primary level will help in maintaining a healthy stomach, digestion system and happy life.

Go green

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best way of alkalizing your body. Aim to add fruits, veggies, and nuts in your every meal and focus on them rather than meat and cabs for better results choose for dark and green vegetables like spinach, beetroot, avocado, and broccoli.

Reduce carb and acidic food

Traditionally we are asked to include more carbs in our food but with its acidic nature food like white flour, meat, dairy make our system more acidic and cause stomach problems

Limit alcohol

Alcohol beverages are high in sugar content and are highly acidic. You can enjoy the occasional beer or a glass of wine or whiskey but having them on a regular basis will crush your system.

Drink water

Drinking water is vital for the overall functioning of our body. Hydrate yourself with more than ten glasses of water and your body will alkaline fast. You can also choose to drink alkaline water if you wish for better results.

Workout Regularly

Having a daily workout routine will help in balancing the right pH level of the body. Exercising regularly helps our body in controlling acidity and in improving metabolism.

To conclude all I can say is that there are several ways to make your body more alkaline but most important among them is your hard work and dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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