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Strategies on how to let go of Anger

Anger Management

Sometimes we have a feeling that sadness and stressful situations have entered as unwelcomed guests into our life and have stuck for forever. As a human, we tend to ruminate anger, conflicts and negative feelings in life. But unfortunately, these feelings of anger and resentment make you feel stressed and unwanted at times. The more we prolong the sense of rage and resent in our life the more we make it critical and gloomy. We must learn how to let go of anger and resentment as they two are the big enemies we have in our life. Holding peace and giving go anger is the only way of making our life better and beautiful.

However, it is the human tendency of dwelling in the past and remembering the wrong deeds, anger, injustice, snubs, slights and other negative feelings that have the caliber of making us angry again and again. They think about the particular incident or feeling again and again and thus feels the humiliation and pain of the original experience. The continuity of these unfortunate events in our mind creates negativity and resentment in their mind, and they are likely to feel sorry about life.

Letting go of anger

When we held rage and resentment in our life rather than healing them, then we are likely to develop harmful beliefs and behavioral pattern where we will blame and judge other humans with a similar mental situation. This prolonged situation inhibits emotional trauma and resentment and further creates a situation where we are affected negatively both physically and mentally.

The best way of eliminating this negativity from life is by letting go anger and removing resentment from life. But the question is how to let out anger from our experience?

Here in this article, we will discuss some exercises and behavioral changes that will help us in making peace with our mind and in removing anger from our lives.

How to let go of resentment

Anger and resentment can only make our life worse. To remove bitterness from life first we need to understand what it is. Jealousy is nothing but a kind of poison that cripples our life and flushed positivity, vitality and happiness from it. You can appreciate resentment correctly from this quote: “Living with resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other guy to get sick.”

To remove resentment from our life first we need to approach the feeling as an addictive state of mind where we use it to replicate old dramas and tragedies from our experience and acknowledge that it cannot be changed despite all our efforts.

You have to analyze your resentment and examine what you are mentally confusing people from your present life with people you have known in the past.
This analysis will help you in clearing your mind and acknowledging that burying past at its proper location is best or everyone because you can’t control people and situations from the past.

Sometimes people have a feeling that resentment gives them strength but it is nothing but an illusion, bitterness can only be responsible for weakness, not strength.

Once you will acknowledge that feeling of resentment is only making your life worse than you can start on working on removing it from your life. There are some exercises and behavioral practices that help in eliminating anger and resentment from life.

Letting go of resentment exercises

Expressive writing

Well this has been a very effective method of letting your feeling out from centuries. Some people write about their feelings and anger in a letter and later burn it. You can write about your feelings of anger and resentment in any form you like; you can write a book, a poem or a short story about the conflict. Further, you can publish it on a blog or in some newspaper.

Studies have shown that expressive writing has been a successful and most inexpensive method of unbending your emotions and feelings.


Meditation is an old form of calming our senses and relieving stress for all good reasons. Mediating helps us in focusing on the present and gently prevents our mind from dwelling in the past. Both adverse events from history and fear of unpredictable future are removed from the account by meditation. Meditation is the best stress management techniques that also develop forgiveness in our heart.

Change you’re thoughts and behavior

The way we think and react on the particular situation is the reason for our present position of anger and resentment. Try to change your thought process and attitude towards events. This assertion technique is taught in cognitive theory.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Commonly known as CBT, the cognitive behavioral theory is talking treatment that helps in managing problems by changing the attitude and behavior of the person. It is widely used for removing anger, resentment, and anxiety from life.

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