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Things you can do when you think life sucks

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 14, 2018
my life sucks

It is indeed common for most persons to feel that for them, bad luck comes in a row while luck comes in spurts. The spurts are by and far few, that one is not sure, it happened too. It is also common for them to think that it is the case only for them. They believe others are blessed with rows of good luck while they are born to suffer.

But the fact is that bad things, and good things happen to everyone, and no one can avoid loss and upsets in life. You have a choice to make. You either rise from the ashes like a phoenix bird, or you get dragged down the hole of negativity and gloom. When you think my life sucks, it is a moment of reckoning to break through this negativity and follow the path to positivity.

Why does my life suck?

The reasons as to why life sucks are many. But, the most common reasons have been listed.

  • In life, everything happens with a cause, but nothing happens with a reason. But your mind is not tuned to accept it. You got perturbed and worked up when it is not in order. The chaos all around you makes you feel life sucks.
  • Life sucks because there is no way we could achieve all that we want within the short time we are on this earth
  • Life sucks as you would realize that every time you achieve something, there is still a lot more things that you have been missing
  • Life sucks because it is not good at all times. It is because of the suffering that exists. Though you are capable of fighting some forms of suffering, you cannot thrust suffering itself from your life.
  • The idea that good people are made to put up with bad things while the bad people prosper and live happily is one other thing that makes you feel that life sucks. You find it confusing and infuriating.

What should you do when life sucks?

Whenever you feel life is getting you down, you should try following these proven methods that will help you look at the bright side sooner than later and free yourself from the loop of negativity.

The things you should do include

Give yourself enough time to feel bad

It is indeed common to feel awful when you have lost a business opportunity, suffered a financial loss or when you receive bad news. Being positive does not mean not feeling bad at all under any circumstance. It is natural and you do have the right to feel bad and complain. It is because being negative is not all that bad. It does have special healing power. But, what you do have to pay attention to, is that this negativity just does not pull you deep into sorrow, mourning, and depression. You should be alert enough to get back to the right track after having given your mind sufficient time to heal.

Take stock of the happenings and move on

When you are in a tough situation, take time to analyze, if it was due to a bad decision you have taken or a situation on which you do not have any control. This will help you to stop blaming yourself for the suffering, accept what has happened as it is, learn how to make responsible decisions and move on.

Try to do or learn new things

The time when life sucks actually could be the most productive period in your life. For all you might know, you might not get a chance to do the things you have been yearning to do but could not because of the commitments. It is also the time to stay away from the routine for some time and consider why does my life suck?. You can also take time off to learn a new skill, art or simply engage in inexpensive ways of comforting yourself such as a walk, a swim in the ocean, etc.

Practice thinking

When you are in life sucks mode undirected mental activity would not be helpful to alter your destiny. A thinking mind would stir up new ideas that would help you to rise up from the debacle. However, it is important to be aware of what is a busy mind and a thinking one.

Employ new ideas

Thinking and employing new ideas can be the key that transforms the downward trend in all aspects of your business into an upward trend. Therefore, do not be hesitant to apply new ideas that can enrich your professional as well as personal life. For when life sucks by using a new idea you having nothing to lose but there is every probability for you to gain a lot in the process.

Last but not the least, understand that every successful person whom you come across in life would have had a sense of frustration, a sense of pointlessness and debilitating problems. But they have tided over this period to reach for the heights because they made a clear decision that they were not ready to let negativity rule over their life.

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