Beginners Guide for Root Chakra Healing

By Minnie J. Andrews / December 11, 2018
Chakra healing

Everyone at some point in time has felt low with a root chakra deficiency. If a person had troubled childhood, experienced the divorce of parents or have struggled financially with paying rent or have lived in relative poverty then they are likely to have impaired or broken root chakra. But what is root chakra? We will explore here in this article.

What is Root Chakra?

The root chakra or the ‘mooldhara’ or the feminine energy. Known as kundalini, it is raw, the most primal and a functional energy center of our body. The root chakra is located at the base of our spine or the groin area. The root chakra is the first of seven chakras located in our spine. These chakras are a source of immense energy, locked in our body. The root chakra is associated with red color, and it regulated the energy associated with survival, instinct, and safety. Not many people know, but root chakra imbalance is the reason for many problems in our life.

A blocked root chakra can cause an imbalance in life due to trauma, psychological issues, and psychotic suppression. Block in root chakra may result in severe psychological, personal and relationship issues. The suppression can lead to a chaotic life, full of gloom. As per psychology experts the root chakra governs our survival instinct, confidence, and the ‘fight or flight’ behavior in humans.

The root chakra also governs organ functions of our lower body, like the functions of spine, bladder, and stomach.

Chakra Healing

How to Heal Root Chakra?

Imbalanced root chakra can lead to multiple problems, issues, and situations we are not able to solve. To get the proper balance and solve root chakra we need to go through the process of root chakra healing.

The root chakra healing is a process and practice of opening, cleansing, clearing and strengthening the root chakra hidden in our body. The root chakra healing is a process that includes certain changes in our lifestyle. It involves certain foods, sounds, medicine, yoga practicing and crystals, and some holistic remedies. With having certain changes in body and soul root chakra can be balanced and activated.

Red is a widely accepted chakra color which is accepted worldwide. For this reason, it is called the red chakra. The root chakra is also associated with brown, black and gray colors.

When we are planning to heal root chakra then you must function optimally, with having secure and grounded feeling, the things can be performed in better perception.

The root chakra healing is all about affirmations and channelizing your energy in the proper direction. The process of root chakra healing is supported by accessories like root chakra mats, root chakra crystals, root chakra food, and root chakra clothes. These accessories help us in staying grounded and let us focus our energy in a positive direction

The Benefits of Root Chakra Healing

The root chakra healing is related to the feeling of safety in the world. Root chakra affirmations include many positive attitudes related to it. Root chakra helps us in fostering positive, harmonious relationships when we feel safe with your immediate surroundings.

The process of root chakra healing includes meditation with it helps in connecting our soul with earth. One should find a way to get connected with the earth and for that going for a walk outside, planting seeds, planning to grow sustainable energy is the key. the

Root chakra healing improves our physical activities. No matter big or small, physical activities help in feeling the vital force and connect the strength of root chakra energy with the soul.

The root chakra balance helps in finding the true need and purpose of life. the chakra, in general, helps in deciding the course of action and decision regarding the place you want your life to lead, and you want to live. The awareness gives a chance and improves circumstances with an opportunity to reveal our true possibilities.

Root chakra healing leads our way from psychological scarcity to psychological abundance. It is a way of making our life happy with making our self-strong and believing in ourselves.

It consists of removing fears of our life and allowing more and supportive energy to come and replacing the negative one. Thus it provides a solid foundation for life.

More than that root chakra healing helps to learn how to stay happy and content within yourself. It teaches us that rather than assessing and flaunting the level of wealth in our bank accounts and considering the rich we have become we should focus on the small, nonmaterial abundances we have. Focusing on love, friendship, physical safety, and everyday pleasures are far more important and satisfying. It also teaches us how to stay unaffected by the materials and stay unmaterialistic in this materialistic world.

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