How to astral project with Rope Technique

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 30, 2018
Astral project with Rope Technique

You can call it whatever you like, you can call it the dream body, energy body or the Tantric subtle body, astral projection is a subtle way of cultivating, surviving the physical body into the matrix of consciousness and lucid dreaming. The subtle body is a part of human existence in-universe and is active during our unconscious. The subtle body can be in shape of any part of our body like toenail or liver. The concept of astral body projection is vital and evident in every part of the world; you can call it to visit heaven in Christianity, tantric body in Hinduism or Taoist diamond body. The astral body projection is a dreaming projection or the out of body experience also known as OBE. Often people are confused for the subtle body with soul or spirit but they are the different aspects of this multidimensional universe.

Astral projection meditation is like one of our natural and basic skills. However, it takes enough time to practice and expertise. A beginner needs to work hard to fine tune about such skills. The astral projection for beginners requires certain skills like relaxing your body, doing some breathing exercise and audio tools and including visualization and techniques taught to astral travelers.

The beginners need to start with simple movements like willing to handle astral movements from his physical hands to your astral hands. The beginners are taught to go and gradually come back to consciousness.

Astral projection techniques

There are many techniques for astral projection as apart from some basic facts techniques are important for making things happen. The most common techniques of astral projection are rope technique, Monroe technique, and several others. The astral projection techniques refer to the individual background of astral traveler and some attempts of astral influencing.

Of course, the practitioners of astral projection need to be patient and not to check for techniques that work or sometimes don’t work for them. While performing and practicing these techniques one has to give enough time to each technique and perform wholeheartedly without succumbing to frustration and unsuccessfulness. The astral projection has immense possibilities and it is the final step for you. While doing these techniques make sure that you perform them properly with full concentration.

Here we will discuss the steps of rope astral projection and how to perform them with perfection. The astral projection guide will guide you step by step in one of the ancient astral technique developed by Egyptians and Greeks

  • Relax

The first and most important step of rope astral projection is to relax and calm your body. You can choose to meditate and make yourself at peace. First, you must take a deep breath while inhaling and exhaling slowly. The breathing movements must be rhythmic and deep, the breathing must not be shallow.

If you know the technique of relaxation meditation than you must perform it before starting the rope meditation. The process must flow to the top to head

  • Try to get into a hypnotic state

After you have relaxed then you need to enter in the state of hypnosis is where your mind is on edge of sleep and no further. Now you must lie down and concentrate on one object. Stare at the object until you are able to look at the object with closed eyes. Hypnosis is a state of mind where the subconscious mind becomes active and you are able to look at things with whole new perspective.

  • Try to get into a deeper state of relaxation and cut your mind from surroundings

In this step, your eyes are closed but you are still able to see or visualize the object with closed eyes. It is a state of deeper relaxation. Now try to look around with closed eyes and gaze around in the darkness.

After some time you will be able to see designs and light objects in the darkness across your eyes. They will come and go for some time, once they will disappear when you will reach into deeper sleep where you are no longer aware of your physical body. When you arrive in this situation then you are ready for step four.

  • Enter in the state of vibration

This is the most vital step when you enter the state of vibration. This process takes longer if you are new to this therapy. In the vibration process, you become to leave your physical body. You will be acknowledged and feel the vibration.

  • Try to control the situation

Focus on vibration and try to control their flow in your body with your willpower. As you can feel them, the stopping and starting of vibration will be understood and controlled by you.

  • Imagine the rope

This is the place where you need to show your true willpower. Imagine a long rope hung above you and without opening your eyes visualize climbing on that rope.

  • Rinse and repeat

Try to repeat the process over and over again with the help of your willpower and all your strength.
These are the steps of the astral project of rope technique. That one must follow to define the real self.

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