How to meditate at Work

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 19, 2018
meditation at work

There would be hardly any adult who does not know that meditation is very beneficial for one’s well-being. But, when you take a count of those who practice it, you will find that it is a very small percentage of the adult population. It is because despite knowing the benefits of meditation they attribute it as a practice that is followed by those who are spiritually inclined. Even if they do not attribute so, they might consider it to be a time-consuming process. Because of these reasons and many other myths that surround the practice of meditation prevents people from making the best of meditation that requires no tools or equipment. Unlike what most people believe you do not have to go searching for a quiet corner as well. You can stand to benefit from meditating at work.

How is it possible to meditate at work?

There are many types that are easy enough for you to practice in your workplace. But mindfulness meditation seems to be the right technique for meditating while working. It needs no great training or instructions. But, it is sure to boost your productivity, if you practice it regularly.

What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is one of the many types of meditation that is meant to sharpen your concentration skills and reduce stress, negative emotions, temper flares, etc. The mindfulness meditation is supposed to be a technique that helps you to be aware and pay complete attention to the present moment and consciously notice what is happening in the body and mind. Following the breath and breathing exercises are generally used as anchors for attention. Each time the mind wanders, you bring it back into order by concentrating on the breath.

Ways to practice mindfulness meditation at work

You are too engrossed in keeping up with the fast pace of your routine life that you fail to pay attention to thoughts that pass by in your mind. But, by practicing mindfulness meditation following the steps listed, you will be able to practice mindfulness even when you are at your workplace without any problem.

Use the meditation app

As a beginner, you may start off by downloading one of the number of free apps for meditation that you would find on the net. Choose one that you are comfortable with. These guided meditation steps would be very helpful in improving your focus.

Practice mindful breathing

Once you get to your work before you jump on to performing the tasks you ought to, take a five-minute break to focus on your breath. You can do this by counting your breath. This little time spent focussing on your breath would actually bring about a lot of difference to your day. Focusing on your breath is quite simple.

  • Sit in a position or a chair in which you are comfortable
  • Close your eyes. Make sure you don’t close it too tight
  • Now start taking even and rhythmic breaths
  • Count one when you breathe in, count two when you breathe out.
  • When you have counted ten starts counting all over from one.
  • Practice his for five minutes

In the long run, this simple practice would help you develop a focussed mind.

Focus on sounds and sensations

Once you have mastered or almost mastered the art of focusing your attention on the breath, you may now try to pay attention to the sensations of your body. Feel the pressure of your body on the feet that you have rested on the ground. Shift awareness to the hand’s that you have placed on the lap. Scan your body from head to toe. When you do that acknowledge the areas that you find to be tense and those that you find relaxed.

Also, direct your attention slowly from your body to the outward sounds. You would notice a number of sounds hit your eardrum, which you otherwise would not have heard.just melt away in the present. This technique will reduce your tension and help you feel comfortable.

Mindful lunch session

Just like all other mindfulness practices while eating during the lunch break too, you can practice mindfulness by not swallowing the food in a hurry. Eat slowly savoring every bit of your food. Pay attention to the aroma, taste, appearance, etc. Be aware of how you chew or swallow food. This is the best way and time to meditate at work. This will help you to reset and improve focus in the second half of the day

Walking meditation

If you have the facility and the opportunity to walk outside your cabin, you can use it productively by practicing walking meditation. Walk slowly, start noticing every step you take slowly synchronize your step with your breath by awarding bonus points for each step you are able to synchronize.

Repeat a mantra

The mantra could be a spiritual one or even a positive affirmation that you have to keep repeating over and over again. Now try to align the mantra with the breath. Until it is rhythmic and consistent.

Move on to visualization

Visualization is the process of imaging. You may imagine yourself to be sitting near a pool. When you become aware of a thought, consider it as something that floats on the water of the pool. Visualize it flowing away from your view. Remain calm while this happens. This sort of meditation would help you reconnect to the present moment.

These are just a few steps to practice mindfulness meditation at work. But, you may choose any other technique you may consider to augur well with you. It is perfectly okay. However, mindfulness which stresses on being fully in the present moment would be ideal and easy to practice when you are working.


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