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10 of the most Powerful Personal qualities and how to develop them

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 28, 2018

What are the good qualities you must have in life? The answer to this question is always subjective and based on culture, grooming, and lifestyle you have. However, some personal qualities are respected and regarded universally due to strength and benefits they offer to the person and society. Here we will discuss the top 10 most powerful qualities that a person can have. Anyone can try to achieve them with positive psychology, practice and cultivating positivity in life.

Before we get to personal qualities we are must learn that there must be a balance between personal qualities. We are born with not all but some qualities that make our character. It isn’t a problem, but the problem is when we double down the qualities we have while focusing on the one we don’t have.

The right approach must be where we put conscious efforts on developing the qualities we have and then work on others with self-discipline.

To develop good qualities in life one must keep himself disciplined and highly motivated. The life must have a sense of responsibility and must value the virtues we have. Being aware of what we have will develop a flexible approach to life, we are likely to have tranquillity in life.

One must have o develop kindness, wisdom, and compassion in our life as effectively without these qualities in of any use.

Here we will explain some of the strongest qualities that men must have or develop in life to become a better person.


We can also call this quality with other names like gratitude, optimism, hope, humor or satisfaction. Life is good and joyful, and one must try to remain so in life. Try to create more joy and happiness in life and living with mindfulness and full of optimism. Having joy and happiness in life makes life beautiful for the person and his family. Everyone loves the company of a happy, joyful person.


Kindness, and warmth in your personality are like a blessing. If a person has the ability to take feelings and wellbeing of others as seriously as his own, then he is truly a good man. Kindness is a true beauty, and it offers encouragement to the person and also to others. When you are listening to others without judging them, can see the good in others then you have an aspect of kindness in you. Having kindness in your personality has its own rewards and repays you in every possible manner.


When you have the ability to keep your ego aside and see the goodness in everyone then you become a humble person. Having modesty, egolessness and respect for others is the real beauty of anyone’s character. According to C.S. Lewis, ‘true humility is not about thinking less about yourself, but it is about thinking of yourself less.’


Having patience, temperance, equanimity makes you enjoy your life in a better way. Peacefulness in mind helps you in keeping your life content while raising your confidence. When you start to feel that every moment comes to teach you something, then you begin to focus your energy on something constructive.

Ability to let go

Having forgiveness and non- attachment in life is an ability that very few people have. Attachment is important but having over-attachment to things, situations can make life stressful for the person and others. Have pleasure in what you have and try to make things better for everyone. However, there is one important thing to mention that non- attachment is not about having no desires or aspirations, but it is about working without worrying.


If you want to make life happy then, have faith in life. Having faith in yourself and others gives flow to life. Life seems to feel lonely without trust, and things become scary, lonely, unfair without trust.


A calm mind and gentle heart has deeper love and purposefulness in life. Life without agitation will reduce rumination and useless thinking. With calmness in mind, we will be able to focus our energy on better and more effective purposes in life.


Having courage for doing good and saying no to things you feel is unfair is important to have in life. Lots of things in life require courage. Courage helps you in coming out of your comfort zone and for working hard for a better life.


Energy, enthusiasm is must for doing big in life. Nothing can be done without focusing on life without determination. Focus and discipline make you a better person with having an aim in life.


Autonomy makes a person responsible. Having autonomy means not having other reason and responsible for your happiness. When you become the leader of your life, life becomes beautiful as you give more and expects less from others.

Personality qualities are a mirror of the person you are, your upbringing and your aspirations from life. Try to have all or some of these good personality qualities and become a better version of yourself.

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