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Heal the Body and Mind

By Minnie J. Andrews / October 25, 2018
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In ancient world the medicine man or healers had a holistic approach towards mind and body. They meant that complete healing of patient means making him physically and mentally fit. They addressed psychological and emotional issues of a person to heal his physical problems. But now we have lost this old tradition of co treatment and this division of body and soul is making man suffer more. It is necessary to treat body and soul as one for having a better and healthier life.

Limitations of our healing practices

Our science is dedicated to cure our body. They are doing research for pain relieving medicines, cure for physical diseases but they are not researching on co related healing of body and soul. Medicines can stabilise the situation and give temporary relief but complete healing is possible by applying holistic approach with the help of Power healing thoughts.

Self healing or the power of thoughts

With the revival of ancient healing practices the ancient concept of self healing and healing with the power of positive thoughts has gained popularity. It has become an alternative for herbal and medicinal healing. With having better and long lasting effects the followers of spiritual healing are increasing very fast.

Self healing is similar to increasing self esteem. Sometime we get caught in the net of negativity resulting in low self esteem and lack of interest in things we do. When this happens the spark of life vanishes and a person gets involved in habit of self negating.

Constant criticism leads to depression and lack of creativity, vitality of life.

Although there are several therapies and medications available in the market to cure this depression but most of them don’t work on the real cause. Medications act and a barrier and shuns mind from processing any thought but a person need to have thought process and positivity to live a happy life.

The problem of thoughts must be treated with thoughts. The negativity of life can be removed by positivity. Even experts realise that the practice of healing with thoughts have remarkable results. By inducing positivity in a person you are empowering an individual to believe in himself. They are competent enough to lead there life in way they want. These efforts boost self esteem and confidence. If a person has a happy and active soul then his body will act accordingly with enthusiasm.

Here are some tips that can help in self healing of your body and soul. Using them in your life will help in making life better, happier and confident.


Learn how to relax

First you need to calm your senses and stop any thought from coming to your mind. The person with broken soul usually has high anxiety level and finds it difficult to relax and unwind. This is a cycle that is needed to be stopped.

To relax you mind you can play some light music, read some good book or simply do nothing except stopping negative thoughts and comments of people from entering your mind. Think about some good and happy moments.

Negative thought will make you feel worse and they must have no place in your life. They prevent you from reaching to the core of any problems and make you feel incompetent for doing anything.



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