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How to find inner peace

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 14, 2018
inner peace

It is quite common for people in this highly materialistic and technologically advanced world that gives little or no importance to caring and affectionate relationships to experience a sense of discomfort. That is you are not comfortable in your body, and you are finding it very hard to fight off the thoughts that keep troubling you, and you would feel totally frustrated or lack the energy to do anything. It is not easy to get rid of these symptoms unless you take a step forward to go about finding inner peace, which is difficult to achieve instantly. But with time and dedication, you will surely attain it.

What is inner peace?

Peace, as you might be aware, is a state of security and calmness that prevails when everything is coexisting in perfect harmony. Inner peace refers to the sensation f such perfect harmony mentally and spiritually. For you to attain this state, it is important for you to have the understanding and knowledge to keep yourself strong in the face of adversity or discord. Since most of them consider inner peace as being in a stress-free and anxious environment, which is not quite possible in reality, they fail to equip themselves enough to meet the adversities in life. They make it difficult for themselves to take a step forward in the right direction to attain inner peace.

Why is inner peace important?

Inner peace is important because it is contagious. The impact of inner peace is so profound that it not only keeps you as an individual happy but even your family and the community around you happy. You would be a role model that each one wants to emulate, and this could well be a small step to spread the seed of peace that would grow to encompass the people at large.

What are the steps in finding inner peace?

Lord Buddha describes the human mind as one that is filled with drunken monkeys, jumping, chattering, screeching and engaging in this act endlessly. This can and will lead to distracting tracks. It is important for you to address the monkey mind issue by taking the steps in the right direction to fully concentrate on the present and focus on the task on hand. This would lead to mental and physical well-being and create an environment that fosters inner peace.
As you know, finding inner peace takes time and dedication, these practical actions could well be of help in your quest to attain inner peace.

Focus on resolving problems

When you face a problem in your personal life or professional life. Do not leave the problem unresolved. Do all that you can to get it resolved as quickly as possible. This would help you feel less burdened. It is the best way to go about it too, for worrying about the problem will not solve it, but, lead to other problems that would affect your well being.

Take a detached perspective

More often than not, you will be in a position to solve your problems or even analyze the reasons for your problems if you detach yourself from the situation. It will help you to accept what is, as it is. It will help you to avoid resistance which blocks energy and creativity.

Take up responsibility for your actions and reactions.

This actually means deciding and behaving in the way you want to in all circumstances. When you start to do that you would be able to avoid behaving in a certain way and later blame other people for your behavior. When you become accountable for your actions and reactions, you will learn to remain calm and unflappable response even during tough times.

Become aware of your feelings

The practical approach to gain inner peace involves becoming aware of the feelings that keep arising. Do not shove away the feelings that you are uncomfortable with. The key is to poke around these feelings whether good or bad and discover what is behind the feelings. If you do not address the feelings this way, these feelings might comeback in more unpleasant ways that would disrupt the inner peace.

Be real

Being real means being authentic to yourself as well as others. Resist lying, editing and translating for when you are not capable of maintaining integrity; it would not help you attain inner peace as you have not mastered the basics of What is inner peace.

Understand what triggers or troubles you?

As discussed earlier, when you are able to understand your feelings and the reason behind these feelings, you will be able to identify what makes you react in a favorable or unfavorable way. You would be able to identify the reason that triggered such a reaction and why it troubled you. This awareness would help you become tolerant to such a situation and help you handle the situation in a healthy way.

Do not be a perfectionist

You may wonder why perfectionism is not good for attaining inner peace. Perfectionists are generally those who achieve less yet stress more than others. As a normal person, you would want to achieve something for the desire to achieve it and are satisfied with something at least closer to the goal. While as a perfectionist you would move towards with a fear of not reaching it and also perceive anything less than the goal as a failure too. When this is the case how would you experience inner peace?

Though these practical steps which when practiced regularly could be of help in finding inner peace, you cannot deny the importance of meditation in contributing to inner peace. Meditation helps you to introspect, take an inventory of your inner self and the circumstance you are in. It also helps you to understand your goals and move towards it without stress or anxiety. This, in turn, would help you to focus on the present and lead to self-acceptance. Meditation is an important tool to limit distractions and make you feel comfortable.

There are different types of meditations. Learn about and choose the one that is ideal for you. Move ahead to discover inner peace.

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