How to stay focused

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 13, 2018
stay focused

Do you find yourself playing with your phone multiple times a day while working just to look at the latest update on Twitter or to re-read emails that came earlier? By doing this, you might believe that you are enhancing performance by staying up to date with social media but in reality, you are suffering from distraction issues at work.
Concentration is the most important thing if you want to perform your best at work. Your natural skills help in increasing creativity if you are concentrating on the assignment you are working on rather than browsing on social media. The ability of focus is an additional advantage in this competitive world when there are multiple reasons that try to distract you. We kill our time by doing lame tasks while we can work on innovative ideas and concepts.

The more time you spend on deeply focused work, the better results you will get. So if you are ready to take charge of your day and stay focused in distraction then follow these habits to stay focused in this distracted world.

Turn off notifications

Your smartphone might have changed the way you work but believe me, and it is the greatest distraction in concentrating. You might be under the influence that it lasts a few seconds and you can get back to work within a very short span of time, but in reality the distraction span is much longer than you actually think.
Turning off notifications to mute will help you in concentrating better. Try to set aside a period of time to check all emails and showing presence on social media. Try to stay away from the phone or at least mute notifications for the rest of the day.

Make a routine and stick to it

Establishing a daily routine is the key to success. Try to make a routine and stick to it. Gradually you will begin doing work automatically. The time wasted in thinking will be used in doing something creative.
Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook once said that he wears the same outfit daily as it saves his time and energy to focus on improving productivity. The benefits of planning your day cannot be explained in better words.
By making a daily routine, you will be able to save more time than you possibly think.


As a person, we have multiple tasks to perform during a complete day. These staggering numbers of tasks might leave you overwhelming and distracted. But you can make situation under control by ranking your tasks and prioritizing them in terms of urgency and requirements.
Prioritizing your tasks will give you the freedom to complete urgent tasks with increased focus while performing them.

Do not multitask

You might think that you are good at multitasking and if you are then it is a great thing but if you do not then stop doing it. Many people think that they are good at, but the fact is that they don’t. According to research multitasking ruins productivity and hampers creative thought process. The more efforts we put in multitasking, the worse results we might get. Rather you should focus on one thing at a time and complete it with all your energy and creativity.

Analyze yourself

The causes of distraction are both external and internal. Self-Analysis is a great tool for finding the real causes of distraction. First analysis your personality and write down the reasons of distraction that hamper your focus. Writing these issues will help you in pinpointing the real cause.
Once you have found the real cause, then work on it and eliminate it from your life and schedule.

Take a break

Working contentiously on one thing makes things monotonous and breaks focus. So if you want to stay energetic and creative than take small breaks between working and do something to refresh your mood. You can read a book or solve a puzzle. In this manner, you will be able to focus on your work again with more attention.

Listen to good music

Music is a great help when it comes to avoiding distractions. Whenever you feel that you are surrounded with distractions and little can be done for improving situation than play your favorite tune and start working. You will work with better focus and creativity. Music helps in concentrating and enhancing productivity.

Clean the clutter

To stay focused, you just don’t need to organize your schedule, but you also need to organize your office. It is hard to work with attention in dirty, cluttered and disorganized office. Try to keep your office clean and tidy for staying focused.

Become an early bird

Waking up early has some great advantages and enhanced focus is one of them. Your best will come out in the silence of the morning when you will be able to work with focus.

Distractions are a part of life, and we can’t eliminate them, but by organizing our life and schedule, we can avoid them as much as we can to stay focused and creative.

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