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How to stay Happy and Feel Awesome

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 22, 2018
How to stay happy

Happiness is what all are looking forward to. But, only a few are able to to be happy all the time. A large population of people feels that God has chosen them to suffer in this world. But what they do not understand is that being happy or sad is actually a choice that is entirely in your hands. Here are a few things to follow if you are wondering how to be happy and positive.


If you are wondering how exercise could make you happy, you have got to take a look at this study. The subjects for the study were depressed individuals. They were divided into three groups. Antidepressant drugs were administered to one group, for the second group was put on an exercise regimen. The third group was administered anti-depressants and were put on an exercise regimen as well. All the three groups were happy. The study does not end there. Six months later, when the same people were observed, it was found that the group in which the members were treated only with exercise showed a relapse rate of 9% while that of the other two groups were 38% and 31% respectively. This clearly shows that physical activity has the capacity to keep depression at bay.

Get rid of negative thoughts

When you are overwhelmed with negative thoughts you hardly realize the positive things that are happening around you. the negative thoughts form a vicious circle which would make it really difficult for you to become aware as well as to get rid of it. studies suggest that the best way to get rid of these negative thoughts is to write them down in a paper and destroy them. This physical act of destroying them seems to help in clearing the mind as well.

Give importance to experiences and not possessions

When you purchase an expensive item, you do feel elated and happy. But, subsequently, when you are forced to take care and maintain it, the pleasure diminishes and is not as great as it was when you bought it. but, new experiences are enjoyed at that point in time. It is thought of with same pleasure even after a very long time. Therefore, choose to accumulate experiences rather than objects which make you stressed and worried in a bid to maintain them.

Be grateful

At times you become so demanding in life that you want only good things to happen to you. but, you must not forget that life is all about how to be positive all the time whether the going is smooth or rough. Unfortunately, as studies suggest your mind is programmed thus, that it dwells longer on the negative thoughts rather than the positives.writing down the good things that happened to you would be a sort of a reminder for you to focus on the positive and let go of the negatives that pull you down.

Do something good for others

This is one of the many tips for staying positive and happy at all times. you may own a big house, a big brand of car, an expensive mobile so on and so forth. All these would not help in increasing your overall happiness in the long run. They are all capable of bringing about only spikes in happiness that come down as fast as they rose up. But, the time you spend doing something good for other or helping others will have a significant effect on your happiness and would last really long.

Sleep as much as you should

Sleeplessness brings about a number of reactions in the body, which in turn affects the positivity in you. this has been established by a study. A set of sleep-deprived students was given words to remember. The list consisted of negative, positive and neutral words. The results of the study were as follows. The students were able to remember and recall the negative words better than the positive and neutral words. They got 81% of the negative words right but the score in case of positive and neutral words were 31%. Researchers attribute it to the failure of the hippocampus of the brain that is responsible for recognizing and processing positive thoughts not functioning optimally when deprived of sleep.

Concentrate on your strengths

Rather than giving importance to the negatives and worrying about them concentrate on your strengths and find ways to improve them. This will help you have a feeling of accomplishment and would contribute to your happiness and make you feel positive.

Practice Mindfulness meditation

Practicing mindfulness meditation which is all about being aware of the present and accepting it in a non-judgemental way would be very helpful to stay positive and happy. It is because when you focus on the present, you are abstaining from fretting over the past and worrying about what the future holds. You can be happy when your mind is focussed. You will be least happy when you allow your mind to wander. Mindfulness meditation is the medicine that can get the wandering mind to focus on the present and take full cognizance of the joy it is giving you. Since mindfulness is easy to practice and can be done anytime and anywhere, it is indeed one of the best practices to follow to be happy and positive in life.

Try to follow the tips mentioned and make it a point to practice mindfulness to boost your mood, to reduce stress levels and to lead a quality life.

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