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How to stop Overthinking and Relax

By Minnie J. Andrews / November 22, 2018

Whether you realize it or not, you are in conversation with yourself all the time. You are talking about what you have to do, how you feel, why you should not be doing certain things, so on and so forth. This is normal and it is actually how even analyze and find solutions to the problem in your personal and professional life. Almost everyone does it, take a simple example of choosing an item or a gift on a e-commerce website for our loved ones takes a whole lot of mental effort. But when this thinking becomes too much that it incapacitates you to act, it is called overthinking. You can tell yourself, I overthink too much and try to get out of the vicious circle, when you seem to be analyzing, commenting and repetitively pondering over the same thought and it consumes your energy and disables you from making decisions and acting on the decisions.

Is overthinking a problem?

Overthinking or thinking too much about a thing is not only a nuisance but is a problem that could affect your well being. This is because overthinking can make you worried and anxious. Anxiety and overthinking can be a lethal combination. Researches suggest that overthinking about problems, the mistake you have committed or any shortcoming you have, which is generally the cause for overthinking, it is likely to increase your tendency to ruminate. This will result in emotional distress which in turn affects mental health. An overthinking disorder is a cycle that is very hard to break.

How to handle overthinking?

It is better to avoid overthinking because it can affect your capacity to judge things properly. The ensuing confusion and disillusionment would elevate your stress and impair you from acting. Therefore, it is important that you address the issue of overthinking at the earliest.

Here are some ideas for how to stop overthinking things.

The first step in addressing any issue is to first realize that an issue exists. Therefore, to deal with overthinking too, you need to be aware that it is happening. But how can you do that/ are there any markers?. Yes. When you doubt that you are feeling anxious or stressed, just notice how you are responding to the situation, you will then be able to notice if you are reacting to what has happened or reacting based on what you think would happen. This is the best marker to understand that you are overthinking.

Think positively

In most cases, fear is the emotion that triggers overthinking. It is mostly fear of what would happen…… followed by a wide range of negative propositions. This leads to overthinking. But, instead of alleviating the fear, overthinking has you paralyzed. The best way to deal with the fear and do away with overthinking is to have positive thoughts and get into action as quickly as possible rather than thinking.

Take a vow to be happy

If you are troubled by things that keep worrying you and you are in a position where you cannot solve the issue immediately, consider how to stop thinking about it. find ways to distract yourself and spend time on healthy alternatives like dancing, painting, singing, exercising, or even meditation which would make you feel happy.

Do not be a perfectionist

It is indeed nice to have an orderly life. But, if the degree of orderliness is to the extent that you expect perfection in each and everything, then you are in for trouble. For even if you are perfect expecting others to be perfect too, is unrealistic and impractical. Even for you, perfection could turn out to be a handicap or a debilitating factor that would affect your progress. When things are not in order, it works in your mind leading to overthinking, which prevents you from devising ways to get it into order.

Give a situation only its due importance

Do not try to make a mountain of a molehill. In other words, do not overreact. You can put things in the right perspective if you change the time frame. You could ask yourself questions like how important the thing or issue in question would be in 5 years time, how important it would be the next month etc. It would help you to shut down overthinking and proceed with your routine.

Change your perspective about fear

It is common for most people who fail to apply it to all situations in life. For example, a person who fails in one business hesitates to start a new one. it is indeed common to have a fear. But, you must take time and effort to analyze why you failed in the business and go ahead with the other business if you find that it is feasible instead of over-generalizing and thinking that the loss in business is here to stay for you. you should refrain from saying no to all other opportunities that come knocking down your door.

Live in the now

Fear and overthinking are mostly baseless and are formed on the basis of what would happen in the future. If you’re going to spend your present overthinking and worrying about the future, you lose the capacity to live and act in the present. Spend the time you keep thinking about the future, in doing things in the present, you will surely be successful in the future.

Mindfulness meditation

If you find living and thinking in the present, take up a crash course on mindfulness meditation. It is simple and easy to practice meditation that you can practice for as short as even two minutes. It is as simple as synching all your actions to your breath. By creating this awareness, you are made to focus on the present and each and every aspect of the present, that you hardly, have any fear about the future.

Once you practice mindfulness meditation regularly, you will realize that you become more grateful for what you have got rather than being regretful about what you did not. You will also eliminate negative feelings like I am not good enough and start accepting yourself and the situations that unfold as it is.

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