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What is the purpose of life?

By Minnie J. Andrews / December 6, 2018
find purpose of life

At some point in time, we all feel what is the purpose of our life. ultimately men should know why he has come into this world and what is the meaning of his existence. Just living is not enough as even animals are also doing this. We human, considered as great species and higher than the other living creatures must have something different to do.

As said by the Gurudev of Isha foundation we humans don’t have a much different life than other animals, we are born, we grow up, earn our living, reproduce, take care of kids and ultimately die. This is the life cycle of all the living creatures in the world. But it in the smallest, tasks we perform in life where we can make a change and make our life meaningful for ourselves and our society.

what’s the purpose of life? according to research tools, this is the most asked question on the internet. Well, this is not the question Google can answer. What is the meaning of our existence is a philosophical question that will be answered from within? God has planned a life for you and He will help you in finding your true purpose, all you need is to understand his instructions and obey his commands.

Humans have emotions and the emotions lead to behavior and our tendencies. If you get stuck in simple not so good things and the despaired then life is intended to be falling apart. We don’t know what lies in the future and what will be the result of our deeds. God has given us a mind and ability to think and work accordingly. It is our work to do our deeds and forget about results.

We have to work in accordance with the Laws of nature. If we break the law of nature fro our benefits or for some greater good of society then also the breach of law will remain due and it will come back in future with fine. So whatever you think your purpose of life is, never let it come between the law of nature. Nature has given us life and ensured that we survive through the rough patches, so in order to survive, we need to obey and respect nature.

Sometimes we fall into the trap of worldly sins and find solace in drinks and alcoholism. It might make you feel happy for some time but remember ruining your own life can never be the true purpose of life. It is just a purpose of running from your problems and making an excuse from executing the purpose in life. However, it is never late to realize the true purpose of life and make things happen according to it. Life is a blessing as well as a responsibility bestowed upon us. So make the best use of it by doing something good for society and fulfill the reason for your existence.

What is life all about?

What life is all about? Life is a cycle, in which we are born, we grow up, fall in love, reproduce and die. Well, it is not life; it is just a cycle, just a symbol of our existence? Do we exist just for this cycle? Life is much more than this, it has far more to deliver than, existing, living and dying.

Life is lived for a purpose, we came into existence to fulfill the purpose for yourself and for society. You have come to make a difference for everyone around you, no matter how small it might be. You are special and unique in every sense and all you need to do is prove your significance through your good deeds. The divine purpose of life is to make others happy and find the true purpose of life. It is the ultimate goals of your living. Until you will not find this purpose you will remain miserable and unhappy. Life of purpose is the life of happiness.

What’s the point of life?

If you are willing to understand the point of life and are working to serve your true purpose than the first thing required to be done by you is taking charge of your life. God has given equal chances to everyone, and you are capable of doing everything destined to you by God.

We all have some fundamental issue, morals, and ethics transferred to us by our parents and elders. They are our guides and path finder’s that help us in paving our way to happiness and purpose of life.

To conclude, all I can say about the purpose of life is that it is all about doing your best in what you are best in and find happiness in it. Living with happiness while making others happy is the true purpose of life.

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